Photography ~ Photos and InspirationΒ 

Hey guys ! Long time no blog ~ Yet again worst blogger award goes to me. Blogging is one of those things that just takes a back seat when life gets hectic and sometimes it’s quite simple to forget it even exists! But today I’m back with a blog that I’m so excited to share ~ MyPhotography. Today I’m going to be blogging about my photos and tips. Photography is one of those things that seems so simple. All it really takes is a camera and a click isn’t it? Not really. Trust me I’ve been at that point where I’d see something that seems like it would be such a wonderful photo but turns out to look, well, a bit nothingy, a lot. Probably more often than not. But photography is something that takes time and also a bit of confidence. For me, years ago Id be out and see an amazing photo opportunity but be way too shy to stop in my tracks and cause a slight human traffic jam. Now it’s kind of a miracle if I’m ever able to make it somewhere without having being shoved past and muttered some angry words at while snapping away. 


Brandy Melville in London ~ I’m pretty sure near Covent Garden. This shop is too cute. Everything looks like it’s been taken from Pinterest and couldn’t resist taking a few pictures

This was an attempt at getting one of those cool ‘letting go of my balloon’ photos with one of my close college friends. It didn’t quite go to plan. Firstly I’d taken it too late (I’m sure if it wasn’t for me saying it was a balloon nobody would have a clue) and also we were actually in then middle of a road. In London. For some reason we forgot cars were a thing until we nearly got run over. 

This is a photo that was taken about a year ago with my sister, Casy and our cousin. For some reason this is one of my all time fave pics and it is never being deleted. Saying that I’ve actually deleted tghe original and kinda regret my filter choices here. But never mind.

A rainy day in New York. 

Ok so those are a few of my photos. I’m kinda of thinking of dedicating this blog to photography but wanted to post a few snaps to see what everybody thinks ? So yeah hopefully nobody hates them πŸ˜‚


‘You’re Destroying Their Bodies’

I’m not trying to offend anybody in this post. Please don’t think there was any intention of ‘shading’ anybody 

Hey guys. Today I’m getting all deep and inspiring, so prepare to possibly cringe πŸ˜‚ But this is one of first posts I’m going to do that’s really serious. It’s so important to me and something that makes me so upset to see. It is a personal and sensitive area so some people may find this upsetting and uncomfortable to look at. If so please don’t continue with this post, but if not this is something I’ve been wanting to talk about for so long, please keep on this blog.

There are so many Health and Fitness bloggers around now it’s impossible to keep track. Im in no way intending to offend or ‘shade’ any of these people that are hosting wonderful blogs that are inspiring and changing people’s life. But there is a slightly deadlier side. 

I’m going to be totally honest in this blog. I’m really not trying to offend anybody and I’m so sorry if this does offend anybody but please try and see this bigger picture. 

For somebody who has struggled it’s body confidence since my early teen years, being constantly bombarded with ‘Vegan What I’m Eating In A Day’ and ‘How To Lose Weight ~ Quit Dairy’ after a while, causes me a lot of issues. And I’m aware for a fact it does that same thing to so many others. It is not just Health videos, but body shaming is so common on social media nowadays that it is more difficult to accept your body than ever. 

I’m going to tell u something about my niece who is a gorgeous young girl. She is eleven years old, and hates her body. She is perfectly normal weight (A lot of people refer to her as skinny), but she has such easy access to these videos that are aimed for thirty year old woman to see. I’ve seen her browser full of ‘Vegan Ligestyle’ blogs, and she’s constantly asking about cutting out things such as dairy and meat from her diet. If you’re unaware protein such as dairy and meat as well as sugar are crucial for a growing child and young persons body. Without them, it can destroy their body and affect them for their whole life. 

I’m fully aware that NO blogger intends to destroy a young girl or boys body. It is unintentional but IT IS HAPPENING.

Body confidence is such a gorgeous thing. People spend their whole life wishing they had a difference body, has nicer legs, a flatter stomach, but in tfe end, that is their body and being confident in your own skin is such a rare and wonderful thing. 

I’m not blogging about this to try and make a petition for all Fitness and Diet blogs to be removed, because, as I’ve said, I’ve got respect for them and realise that for women trying to lose weight for a good reason they are brilliant. But if they are accessible to them, they are accessible to young teens and children. 

If it was my decision in any way, I’d try and make these particular blogs less accessible to children. 

Please think about what I’m saying. These blogs are creating fake ideas of healthy lifestyles to growing teens. 

Thank U so much for reading, please share if u have a moment.

Amelie x

Featured Image credit to Amba King on Pinterest 

100 Followers πŸŽ‰

Hey guys ☺️ Today I woke up to a super exciting notification ~ My little blog has reached 100 followers ! This is such a big number to me and I never thought I’d actually have people enjoying my posts so much they’d want to Follow ~ For a couple months Id basically been blogging for me and Tara to read, with lots  of cringey introduction blogs around January time. 

Okay so this post might get a bit sappy and emosh so prepare yourself πŸ˜‚ But before starting a blog, I’d had very little confidence. If you knew me at the time, you would know I was extremely shy and didn’t talk much.That being said I’m still pretty similar but My blog has allowed me to share my passions and experiences with all of my readers (All 100 of you!) and it has also allowed me to make some amazing friends! It has already given me some amazing opportunities like collabing with some fantastic bloggers and working with some cosmetics lines which I’m so grateful for. 

I remember starting up my blog so vividly. I’d sat down like 10 months ago and posted an Introduction, basically rambling about how I couldn’t wing my eyeliner and loved PLL πŸ˜‚ I’m pretty sure it got about 5 views, Which I’m guessing where just me and Tara, but 10 months later my blog has over 1100 views, 685 likes ! Which is crazy to think about πŸ™‚

I’d originally set up Simply Amelie just as a little place to share my passions and have a say, and it is still very much for that. It is crazy to think over 1000 people actually want to see what I’m chatting about ~ Like what ?

Over 2016 my blog has grown so much. I’m fully aware that 100 followers is not a huge number to a lot of people, there are people with millions, but this is such a huge achievement to me and I just wanted to say thank you so much for Following πŸ™‚

Amelie x

β™‘ How To Relax After A Bad Day β™‘

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. So today I was really in the mood for doing a little bit more of a chatty blog, these are personally my Fave type of blogs to read, So I hope you enjoy it ! So this is going to be super chatty and relaxed so grab a hot drink ( I’ve recently been obsessed with Pumpkin  Chai Lattes ) and a snack, grab a blanket and get all cosy, and let’s just chat about How to Relax and Destress after a Bad Day.

Ok so there are 365 days in a year. It’s not surprising that every once in awhile on of those is probably not going to be that great. You know those types of days ~ You spill coffee down your new Fave shirt, you drop your bag in the street, you get a message that just puts a downer over your morning. You feel like your walking around all day with a dark cloud over you and it can be pretty awful. By the time 3 o’clock rolls around you are ready to collapse into a pile of tears (It’s ok if you do). 

These days can make you feel so genuinely upset but it’s completely normal to have some bad days. That said they can be awful, so I’ve decided to blog about How I like to relax after a bad and stressful day. 

β™‘ Chat To A Friend β™‘ Okay this is slightly cliche, but chatting to a friend really can make your day a whole lot brighter. Maybe plan a shopping day at the weekend or something (Shopping solves most issues), or just FaceTime and catch up on each other’s weeks. Your guaranteed to feel a whole lot better.

β™‘ Have Something To Look Forward To β™‘ So like I said, planning a shopping day or something is a great way to get yourself out of a bad mood. Even just planning to chat to an old friend over Coffee one afternoon just gives you something to look forward to. 

β™‘ Bake Something For Charity β™‘ So baking is so thereputic for me, it really does just relax me and put me in a way better mood. Baking something for a good cause is also a great excuse to whip out your ingredients and dropping of a cake at a Charity shop or something really can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, which is guaranteed to beat the blues πŸ™‚

β™‘ Get Some Fresh Air β™‘ Even though it is officially October tomorrow *nearly faints with excitement* wrapping up and getting some fresh air is still a great idea especially if you’ve not got out much (That always puts me in the worst mood). Whether your going for a walk or jumping on a trampoline ~ This is actually a great form of exercise and mood booster ~ just being outside really will make you feel better !

β™‘ Make A Warming Meal β™‘ There’s always that one meal that instantly makes you feel cosy ~ For me it’s Mac N Cheese, so get in the kitchen and cook up a storm, or even better why not buy a Mac N Cheese ready meal ? They taste almost as good and they’re done in no time πŸ˜‚

β™‘ Get Yourself Cosy β™‘ With Fall well and truly here, what better excuse to grab some super soft blankets, put on your fuzzy socks and get cosy ? Why not put on something like PLL to really relax you, and it’s not really a cosy evening without a Hot Chocolate and plenty of snacks ~ My personal Fave are warm chewy cookies !

β™‘ Pamper Yourself β™‘ Whether you feel like popping on a face mask or having a long soak in the tub, Pampering yourself is a great way to lift your mood. Grab some burgundy nail polishes (Could we be any more Fall ?) and give your nails a treat, and your guaranteed to feel like a new person πŸ™‚

Okay so those are all of my ideas for Relaxing after a tough day. If any of these help you out please let me know as that would make me so so happy πŸ™‚ If you’re having a bad day then I really hope it gets better x 

I wil see you next time ! Don’t forget to follow if you enjoyed it really does help πŸ™‚

Amelie x

πŸ’š Fancy Changing Somebody’s Life tomorrow ? πŸ’š

Hey guys so today I’m back with a bit of a different post ~ This is something that I’m so passionate about and somehow wanted to spread tfe word about it so I’ve decided to share it here on my blog . If u are not familiar with Macmillan nurse they are an amazing group of people who work with Cancer patients, usually supporting them through treatment and making sure they don’t feel alone and always have somewhere to turn. This service is based entirely off of donations and once a year all over tfe country millions of people host Coffee Mornings in support of Macmillan Teams, this year it’s on 30th September ~ So tomorrow πŸ’š 

If ur looking at this blog thinking what on earth is a Coffee Morning then don’t worry ~ A few years ago that was me too πŸ˜‚ Basically a Coffee morning is when wonderful people volunteer their time and home to host a Coffee Morning to raise money for Macmillan nurses. It takes a lot of hard works and tons of baking from these incredible volunteers but on 30th September they will be opening their doors for anybody to pop in, have some cake and a hot drink and a chat for as little or as long as they’d like πŸ’š

It almost sounds too good to be true ~ But it is happening all over tfe country tomorrow and Macmillan nurses desperately need your support. So instead of grabbing ur usual lunch snack and coffee from Starbucks why not head to ur nearest local Coffee Morni to support these amazing volunteers and Macmillan nurse ~ There are usually events such as raffles and entertainment as well but tfe best part is just chatting to people who have a good and kind heart or else why would they be there ?

If u pop this link : into ur search box or simply click on it, it will take u to Macmillans website where u can type in ur Postcode or town and it will automatically find nearest Coffee Morning near u, you’d be surprised how many are taking place in ur town πŸ’š

So, if u have a moment to spare, even just a few minutes on ur lunch break, please pop in and grab a bite and donate to this amazing cause ! 

U really will change somebody’s life just by eating some cake πŸ’š

Amelie x

Featured image credit to ~ Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning on Pinterest

My Top Make~Up Products Under Β£5Β 

Hey guys and welcome back ☺️ So today I’ve decided on my top Make Up products that are always in handbag or constantly being used that are super affordable ~ I’m pretty sure everything is under Β£5 ! Before I’m going to start please comment down below which day u would like me to upload my blogs ~ Im planning on uploading three times a week so let me know your preference πŸ™ˆ Anyway let’s get on with this blog πŸ™‚

Personally I’d used to be a bit of a makeup snob ~ And yes I’m still a High~End kinda person but I’ve recently been loving browsing through Boots and filling my basket with lots of beauty products . I’ve realised that you’ve not necessarily got to pay a lot of money to get good Make~Up and *Bold Claim* some of these products Id actually say I’m proffering over my High End products πŸ™ˆ OK I’ve definitely rambled enough so let’s just get to what you’re here to see ~ My top Make~Up products ☺️

 β™‘ Collection Volumising Mascara ~ Usually Β£3.99 but currently on offer in Boots for Β£2.99  β™‘

  Personally I’d never really payed much attention to Collection until recently ~ Until about a month ago all I’d ever really owned was their Collection Lasting Perfection which every Make~Up addict owns at least five of. But my friend let me try out some of her stuff and it impressed me so much I’d headed out and bought a few bits ~ This mascara is one of my personal Faves, although I’m not wild about its packaging , It’s what’s on teh inside that counts πŸ˜‚ This is incredible it gives my eyelashes so much volume and lift, literally one coat and I’m good to go. I’d easily compare this to something like Benefits They’re Real cos it does look like you’re wearing false eyelashes.

β™‘ Primark Lash Contour Mascara ~ Β£2.00 β™‘

Primark make up has made a bit of an appearance in this blogging  world already but I’d personally always been really sceptical about it ~ If it’s under Β£5 it can’t be that good Can it? Wrong it can be incredible ! I’m obsessed with this mascara so packaging (Rose Gold Everything) but this actual mascara is so good for its price ~ It has a double sided brush one for lengthening and one for defining , and it really does stay put all day. I’m pretty sure I’ve paid about Β£2 for this and I’m so impressed ☺️

β™‘ Collection Pressed Powder ~ Β£1.99 β™‘

With Fall well and truly upon use that whole matte look of make~up undoubtedly starts again. If u didn’t know I’ve got a kind of love hate relationship with powders, sometimes they make my make~up look flawless but other times they go all caked and just a bit gross ~ This is one of those better ones ☺️ Im still kinda in shock that this is Β£1.99 ! It really does just matify my complexion and just keeps my Make~up in place ~ If ur near a Collection counter definitely grab this because for Β£1.99 u can’t really go wrong πŸ™ˆ

β™‘ Primark Pressed Powder ~ Β£2.00 β™‘

For somebody who’s not a fan of powders I’m surprised I’ve managed to get two powders in this post πŸ˜‚ But this powder is from Primark and it was one of those moments where my Make~Up looked gross and we were heading to lunch any moment and I’d found myself hunting through Primarks Make~Up stands for a powder. I’d not  really taken much notice to it, just kind of using it to matify my complexion, but throughout that day I’d kept looking at my Make~Up and being really impressed. Since then it’s been a staple in my handbag πŸ™‚

β™‘ Barry M Light Reflecting Concealer ~ Β£4.49  β™‘

Barry M is such a cute Cosmetics stand and I’ll always swear by them for nail polishes but I’ve never really take much notice of their Make~Up, it’s so affordable and everything is in tfe cutest packaging every. I’ve heard Pink Princess Olivia mention this a few times so I’d taken her recommendation and picked it up and I’m so happy it’s in my Make~Up collection ! I’d not usually use it for all over my face but it completely conceals dark circles and just brightens your eyes unlike any concealer I’ve ever used ~ If your looking for a new concealer I’d highly recommend this !

β™‘ Natural Collections Concealer ~ Β£1.99 β™‘ 

I’m gonna be honest here I’d always looked at Natural Collection make up as a bit of a joke ~ Like its packaging just didn’t ever jump out at me and again I’d just assumed it’d be a bit rubbish. But I’m sure you’ve all heard of like ‘Testing Out Make~Up Videos’ and I’d seen Natural Collection pop up quite a few times so I’d decided to give it a go ☺️ I’m actually really impressed with this product ~ I’d not say it’s my absolute Fave concealer but it’s not my least either, it has quite a fair bit of coverage for its price but if ur thinking about getting this I’d recommend wearing it over foundation cos its coverage isn’t exactly like Mac ProLongWear πŸ˜‚ But it’s still a really good concealer for an incredible price ! 

 β™‘ Barry M Natural Glow Palette ~ Β£6.49 β™‘ 

Oops I’ve had to go over my budget but only by Β£1.49 πŸ™ˆ  I’ve heard quite a bit of hype about Barry M eyeshadow palettes recently so wanting to know what all that fuss about I’d decided to pick one up ~ They’re so inexpensive and all of them have gorgeous packaging. But these eyeshadow are so pigmented it’s unreal, I’d expected to have to be building them up but they’re really strong colors ! They blend so nicely as well and this plate is just ideal for Fall time eye looks πŸ™ˆ

β™‘ Collection Eyes Uncovered Pallete ~ Usually Β£3.99 Currently on offer in Boots for Β£2.99  β™‘ 

This is a firm Fave of many bloggers including me πŸ™ˆ This little palette creates so many amazing looks and sometimes I’ll even double up some of its shade as for my eyebrows ~ I’m sure you’ve heard hype about this product already so I’m not going to say too much but if you’re looking for a new eyeshadow palette but maybe don’t quite have a budget for something like Urban Decay this would be a brilliant purchase ☺️

Okay so those are all of my top and affordable makeup products ☺️ Really hope you’ve enjoyed this ~ I’m  not usually talking about beauty a lot so this was something a bit differentπŸ™ˆ If you’ve made it this far thank u ! And please let me know what days u would like me to upload ☺️ I’m planning on uploading three times a week so let me know ur preferences ! If u enjoyed this post then please hit that Follow button it’s completely free and really does make a difference πŸ™‚ I’ll see u next time x

Amelie x 

A Little Update πŸ™ˆ

Hey guys long time no see ~ I’m so sorry I’ve been so inactive, yes I’ve been possibly worlds worst blogger and I’m not sure how to apologise enough πŸ˜‚ My last post was months and months ago ~ But where does time go ? Like I’m able to remember typing that blog up but apparently it’s been almost half a year πŸ™ˆ Isn’t it crazy how close we are to finishing 2016 ~ Like New Years seems a couple of months ago ? Just me ? 

Anyway 2016 has been a big year and a lot has been going on in those last few months I’ve been gone from this blogging world πŸ™ˆ I’ve kind of grown up quite a lot ~ Yes kinda cliche but it’s honestly how I’m feeling ~ I’ve realised that not everybody in this world is lovely and kind and sometimes if somebody’s making u feel down not matter how tough it is you’ve kinda got to push them away 😌 

I’ve realised my true passions ~ Fashion and Photography ~ This is what I’m wanting to do with my life and being able to share those passions on here makes me so grateful x

But all in all my life is pretty dull so there’s not actually a lot to update u guys about πŸ˜‚ Any  way how are all of u ? Let me down in those comments and again I’m so sorry for disappearing for a few months but I’m back now and here to stay ☺️

Amelie x

β™‘ Finding Your Style β™‘ο»Ώ

Heya guys β™‘ So I wanna start off by saying sorry for not posting in a while ~ I’ve just been feeling pretty uninspired but I am back full of super exciting things to chat about and I’m so excited ~ Before we start I just wanna give a little bit of shameless self promo ~ Basically my Twitter had a kinda meltdown moment and I somehow lost over four hundred followers so I would love it if you would give it a little follow ~ Okayy self promo over lets get into this β™‘
Today I thought I would do another Fashion post and chat about Finding Your Style ~ With fashion trends popping up every other moment finding your style isn’t always simple so I thought I would chat about simple ways to find you your style and create a wardrobe you love β™‘ 

β™‘ Find A Style Inspiration β™‘ Okayy so there are so many amazing Fashion Inspirations ~ I can spend ages flicking through Vogue and staring at the outfits that are being strutted out on the catwalk β™‘ I love Kendall Jenners style ~ She does both casual and dressy so well β™‘ Whenever I’m feeling really uninspired I always have a look through some of her outfit choices and find some things I love straight away β™‘ Nowadays you don’t just have to look in magazines to find Style Inspiration ~ There are so many Bloggers who I have serious wardrobe envy over β™‘ 

β™‘ Don’t Be A Trend Follower β™‘ I’m not going to lie there have been some trends that I have fallen in love with ~ Mom Jeans and Crop Tops Yes Please ~ but I am not the type of girl to see something causing a huge hype and instantly want to go out and buy it ~ More often than not its the opposite β™‘ I love to be original when it comes to fashion and every now and again I will see a piece that is trendy and fall in love but I will put my own twist on it with some snazzy jewellery or knee ~ high boots β™‘

β™‘ Buy Clothes You Love β™‘ Like I said it is so simple to walk into a shop and see trends splattered across the walls and end up walking out with clothes that will be out of style within a month ~ Instead of doing this look for pieces you genuinely love and will wear β™‘ If it turns out that you love a top that is super trendy then that’s fine ~ Buying into trends is never a good way to shop β™‘ 

β™‘ Don’t Let A Budget Limit You β™‘ Getting together your ideal wardrobe can seem tough on a budget but it really doesn’t have to be ~ There are so many moments I have seen something on the runway and fallen in love with the clothes just maybe not the price ~ But with a bit of patience you can eventually find the same style for way less money β™‘

β™‘ Be Fearless β™‘ Nothing says fashion more than being yourself ~ If you are yourself you will feel comfortable in every outfit and have a wardrobe you love β™‘ So if you spot an outfit that maybe isn’t in magazines right now but you would love don’t let that hold you back β™‘ Style is all about being yourself and being fearless β™‘

Okayy so that’s all for today β™‘ I hope you enjoyed it and please do Follow if you would like to see more blogs from me ~ It’s free and makes me so happy ☺️ Leave a comment below telling me your style inspiration if you got this far and I will see you next time !!

Simply Amelie xx

πŸ’˜ BAFTA Best And Worst Dressed πŸ’˜

Hello guys I hope you’re all doing super well πŸ’˜ So before we get into this I just wanna say something ~ I am a serious fashion lover !! It is my absolute passion and something I adore ~ I’ve never really shared that on here before cos I have been doing a ton of beauty but fashion is just my everything !! I thought it would be really cool to start doing more fashion type stuff so you lovely bloggers can hopefully see my passion for it ~ I’m so excited to do more style posts and just chatting about the fashion on the runways at the moment ☺️ So let’s get things started with something I don’t see too much of at the moment but I am hopefully going to be doing quite a bit of and that is chatting about the fashion on showcase and I thought it would be super fun to chat about the BAFTAs and what dresses I loved and those outfits I started at and kept hoping I would blink and be seeing things wrong ~ So let’s get into it ✨

β™‘ Amanda Holden β™‘ Goodness Me ~ I adored this piece !! She just looked stunning in this gorgeous Tony Ward Cape dress ~ The attention to detail was spectacular and the shape of the dress really accentuated her gorgeous figure I loved the simplicity of the accessories just a gold bangle and earrings from a small jewellery line Saqqara cos the dress did most of the talking ~ I really think she managed to steal the show with this outfit !!

β™‘ Alesha Dixon β™‘ She certainly took a risk with this one but she definitely managed to pull it off ~ She looked amazing in this figure hugging golden dress from Michael Costello and I definitely think the silver belt really brought the look together and can we just take a moment to chat about her hair 😍 It looked so gorgeous in those loose and natural waves I way prefer it like that to being straight !!

β™‘ Ferne Cotton β™‘ The attempt at Vintage Sheek didn’t really go down to well ~ this dress reminded me a little of ruffly custard which no I didn’t know was a thing until I saw this dress either ~ The bow around the neck would have looked a whole lot nicer if it hadn’t had been the exact same material as the top of the dress ~ Lace on lace is not a good look !! I think this dress could have been a little less like ruffly custard if it hadn’t all been lace ~ Maybe having the bottom half silky and flowing could have saved this outfit  And if it had been any other color than yellow 
β™‘ Michelle Keegan β™‘ I seriously adored this outfit ~ The dusty rose gown from Adrianna Papell really complimented all her features and the silver embellishments brought some sparkle to the look ~ I am a fan of the simple accessories and her hair style made her look as if she had walked out of a ball in a Disney movie but at the same time could be worn to a beach night which I loved

So those are my best and worst dressed from the BAFTAs ~ let me know if you have any outfits you loved in the comments and if you liked this style ☺️

Simply Amelie x

Disclaimer ~ I have no intention of offending anyone in anyway in this post ~ All opinions are my own and I know everyone has a different style πŸ’˜